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Vertical Machining Center

Popis produktu

Superb rigidity machining center

No matter of machinery / assembly parts, or general machining for molds, MV, MT, BTC series vertical machining centers can let you have the efficiency in production, which is definitely an economic investment.

  • MV series can be used for machining general mechanical and assembly parts, die casting parts and mold processing.
  • MV has spindle speed of 8,000 rpm, suit most general machining.
  • MVP series has spindle speed at 10,000 rpm for precise machining for high requirement casting parts, components.
  • MVD series has spindle speed at 12,000 rpm for die and mold components machining.
  • MT-1400 has 3 axes roller linear guides for high rapid travel
  • 5-axis high-speed bridge type machining center BTC series is available for most complex and high requirement products.
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